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Main Activities: Rev8 was responsible for most of the duties associated with urban regeneration in an inner-urban high density residential district of Budapest called Józsefváros (VIII. District). The company is a non-profit, non-governmental joint stock company established in 1997, of which the major stakeholders are the local district council and the Budapest Town Hall.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
The main task for Rév8 had been local activities. Rév8 reviewed and (re)formulated the goals for the development of its green spaces and implemented a new green space in the VIII. District of Budapest.

In Budapest the project partner is the Józsefváros District, one of 23 districts of the city of Budapes. The strategy in this case is developed at the district level. The Józsefváros’ Green Space Strategy is one of the first green strategies to be developed in Hungary. As a pilot project Józsefváros improved the urban square, Mátyás tér. An approach was adopted which was unusual in Hungary and this produced some very interesting results. The pilot project Mátyás tér forms part of a larger comprehensive programme which is aimed at improving the existing open and green spaces in the central residential area of Józsefváros.