City Folder

Main Activities: The tasks regarding urban green of the Urban Green and Waste Management Office Dresden include design, planning, construction, maintenance and administrating public green open space, such as parks, playgrounds, fountains, allotment gardens as well as greenery and trees along streets as well as administering cemeteries and waste management.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
The Municipality of Dresden plays two roles in the project, first, as a lead partner and, second, as a partner city. As a city partner, it reviewed and (re)formulated the goals for the development of its green spaces and implemented a pilot project (development of a wasteland to a city park).

Dresden is located on the River Elbe, in the eastern part of Germany. The Elbe and the configuration of its green banks was a primary influence in shaping the city and its surrounding landscape. In general Dresden has a good supply of green spaces with quantitative deficits occurring in only in few of the city’s districts. Most of the parks and green spaces enjoy a high quality of maintenance. Dresden’s green space strategy is linked to the re-organisation of the office responsible for the urban green spaces. Dresden’s pilot project under the GreenKeys programme was the reconstruction of the historically valuable but “forgotten” Blüherpark.