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Main Activities: The Environmental Department of the Municipality of Giulianova was created with the aim of looking after the environmental affairs of the territory. Tasks are related to: waste management, differentiated refuse collection system, environmental education, infrastructure for mobile telephony and procurement and management of urban green spaces.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
Giulianova’s main task had been the implementation of a pilot project in via del Campetto Urban Park. The main goal was the recovery of a big derelict urban area coming the city’s green heart to be used by all social classes and age groups as a meeting and entertainment place.

The Italian city of Giulianova is located in the hilly Abruzzo along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The city in general is well provided with green spaces, the exception being the historic part of the city centre, which lacks an adequate provision. The municipality is currently implementing a programme which is aimed at improving the quality of the existing green spaces. Giulianova’s Urban Green Space Strategy will support the municipal plans to prepare a typology set of green spaces with a corresponding management system. Within the GreenKeys programme the Parco di via del Campetto has been improved in order to provide a place for entertainment and outdoor sports activities. The park has also benefited from enhanced accessibility.