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Main Activities: Halandri is a dynamic municipality with initiatives and activities in various community sectors, particularly in natural and urban environment protection and development.
Tasks in GreenKeys: Halandri's primary objective is to raise awareness and interest among the residents in the establishment of public green spaces. Ecological and social improvements had been aimed primarily at long-term education that is provided by means of an eco-park.

Halandri, located within the Greater Athens conurbation, is one of the few Greek cities endowed with a generous provision of open space; mainly due to the presence of a stream running through the locality. Whilst a large number of small green spaces are scattered throughout the area of the municipality, a considerable demand exists for more accessible and better quality green spaces. The present municipal administration is environmentally orientated and aware of the need for public support in pursuing the process required for creating a sustainable city. Halandri’s Urban Green Space Strategy offers a prime opportunity to set a framework for policy making. To reinforce the Green Space Strategy and demonstrate its value Halandri improved an existing open space and renamed it GreenKeys Park. The administration informed the residents on a broad basis about the values of urban green and the cultivation of endemic plants. It also provided a consultation arrangement about the better use of endemic plants in private gardens.