City Folder

Main Activities: Leipzig's Parks and Recreation Office is responsible for the planning and development of the urban green system and the decisions being made regarding to the maintenance of urban green spaces.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
Leipzig reviewed and (re)formulated the goals for the development of its green spaces and implemented a pilot project. Through this pilot project, Leipzig began to rearrange a former army firing range situated at the edge of a prefabricated housing area, which had significant deficits of green and open spaces. It became a public venue for adolescents, taking into account the natural resources an using a monitoring program to evaluate the management system intended to protect valuable flora and fauna habitats.

Leipzig’s green space structure is characterized by an extensive floodplain forest which intrudes deep into the city forming its modern and historic parks: a framework which is designed as a ring and radial green system. Leipzig has several different approaches, guidelines and concepts which deal with the various aspects of urban green. There is a need, however, to incorporate these into a strategic blueprint for the overall city strategy. Leipzig’s pilot project area is located on the edge of prefabricated housing complexes built in the 1980s for about 20.000 residents. The Green Bow Paunsdorf is situated between former army barracks, allotment garden areas and several housing estates which were built in the 1990s. This improves the existing green spaces and provides recreational and leisure facilities for the residents, especially for young people. An outdoor meeting point for teenagers has been implemented, with their support.