City Folder

Main Activities: The planning and environment department consists of three services: planning service, environmental service and locational information service.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
The main task for Nova Gorica was to improve the City Park of Nova Gorica for more social and ecological value. The main target group are adolescents, however, special emphasis was also on children' and families' needs. The municipality also used the expertise to formulate the “Urban Green Strategy” and included it into the “Pool of Green Strategies”.

Nova Gorica, Slovenia, lies close to the border with Italy and has close ties with the Italian city of Goricia. The city was planned with a strong influence from the modernism movement as a ‘city in green’. This concept provided a structure for the city which incorporated wide, straight and perpendicular streets, together with intervening built structures and green spaces. The green spaces are not, however, equally distributed within the urban fabric and some residential areas, especially those that are newly built, suffer from a deficiency. Nova Gorica’s Urban Green Space Strategy aims, therefore, to enhance awareness about the importance of urban green spaces among all stakeholders. It is hoped to increase people’s interest in investing in public green spaces and to define and maintain a diversified green system in the city. With the improvements that have been implemented in the Municipal Park the accessibility and usability of the park during the day by different social groups has been increased (e.g. more recreational facilities for children and young people). This scheme has contributed to the enhancement of the urban quality of the city centre.