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Main Activities: The Municipality of Sanok has cooperated very actively with other local authorities from many European countries for many years. The main spheres of cooperation include: cultural exchange, local development, and local policy development in cross-border areas.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
The Municipality of Sanok reviewed and (re)formulated the goals for the development of its green spaces and implemented a pilot project, layed out a documentation of the park's flora and documented the process of maintenance visually.

The City of Sanok is situated in South-East Poland, at one of the major east European road intersections. The River San and its tributaries, with greenery along their banks, are the main natural elements within the urban fabric. Sanok seeks to emphasize the historic values of the city and to benefit from the natural values of the urban landscape. The city faces a severe lack of financial resources which are a major obstacle to progress. The city is developing a strategy which will benefit from different finance models. Sanok’s Municipal Park is the biggest mountain type park in Poland. It is situated on the slopes of a 362 metre high hill which is a specific attraction and contributes to the natural character of the city.