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Main Activities: For the Municipality of Sofia actions aiming to the capital's green system as important part of the urban territory necessitate new methods of management to be used in favour of the city, its inhabitants and visitors.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
The main task for Sofia will be in local activities in participating cities. The Municipality of Sofia reviewed and (re)formulated the goals for the development of its green spaces and implemented a pilot project, improving an existing green space and reconstructing a neglected park for everyday’s recreation purposes.

Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, is surrounded by mountains offering many opportunities for the most varied forms of ‘year round’ recreation activities in a natural environment. The city is also a junction point for several important international transport routes. The rapid urban expansion, which does not conform to the physical contours, is destroying many characterisic forms of the landscape. As a result the identities of many districts and places in Sofia and of the city as a whole are being lost.