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Main Activities:The Municipality of Volos has signed the Aalborg Charter and is an active member of the European Network of Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign. The Local Agenda 21 is coordinated by the Environmental Office.
Tasks in GreenKeys:
Volos reviewed and (re)formulated the goals for the development of its green spaces and improved an existing green space at the periphery of the city. The implementation of this project will supports an already existing national project that includes attempts to decrease unemployment and improve the environment.

The City of Volos is located in the centre of Greece at the foot of Mount Pelion. The northern part of the city is situated on the lower slopes of Mount Pelion, itself a tourist attraction. The southern part boasts a coastal frontage with a seaside promenade and open spaces. These provide a tourist attraction, along with many cafes and bars. In general, however, the city only has a few green spaces and most of these are afforded a relatively low level of maintenance.  Almost all districts of the city lack adequate green spaces.