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Main Activities:Over the past three years the Municipality of Xanthi participated in several cooperation projects.
Tasks in GreenKeys:The Municipality of Xanthi improved existing green spaces, harmonised and reorganised the green spaces and raised the significance of public green spaces to the local residents.

Xanthi is located in the northeast part of Greece amongst the foothills of the Rodopi mountain range. Surrounded by hills the climate is mid-humid Mediterranean continental with mild summers and cold winters. The city is cited in ‘UN best practices’ for its sustainable polices and the preservation of its cultural heritage. Due to the fast population growth which occurred mainly during the period from 1980 to 2000 and the fiscal incentives policy the city neglected to safeguard open spaces. This has resulted in a lack of green spaces in some parts of the city and a general lack of open spaces for public use. The challenges of green space strategy are coupled with the fast population growth and the need for housing areas. The goal of the pilot project Limnio Park is to improve the quality of an existing but degraded park – with a considerable potential to influence the traditional old part of the city.