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The eLearning Module is a GreenKeys integrated tool that has been developed as an instrument to be used during workshops and training courses. Through the use of this Module more awareness should be gained about the value of green spaces and the benefits of good urban green space management. The Module is primarily targeted at professional, urban based, planners who are seeking further information on the added value and benefits that urban green spaces can bring to the development of the urban environment.

Why an eLearning Module? We believe that technology has a profound effect on the way we acquire information, create our own knowledge and apply this. In the framework the eLearning Module aims to provide a flexible, attractive and user-friendly means of communicating Urban Green Space Strategies. This should result in stronger support and the achievement of a better approach to sustainable development that is closely allied to green spaces planning and management.

The eLearning Module was developed by the Department of Sciences Applied to Complex Systems, Technical University of Marche, Ancona, Italy.

A Read Me file is provided to assist users in their interaction with the eLearning Module sections.

download Click here to download the Read Me file in PDF format (1,2 MB)

All picture credits you will find in a separate PDF file.

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