The Toolbox

The GreenKeys City Profile is a questionnaire dealing with the city's general structure and organisation in relation to its green spaces. It is intended to facilitate urban green space planning, development and management and will be used as a basis for setting up and establishing a city's Urban Green Space Strategy. The City Profile, together with the Green Space Site Profile (Chapter 4.7) provides data for the Green Database (Chapter 4.8).

If you want to get an overview of the city's general situation and on the green space provision, you here find the Tool (City Profile questionnaire template) for it and further information about its use.

The Tool is available in two versions, (1) in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format, where you only can fill in your data and (2) in MS Word format, which you can change for your own needs, if you want. Additionally it is enclosed in the GreenKeys Access Green Database (Chapter 4.8). Please be aware that the Access program is not available on the CD-ROM Tools, you need to have it on your own computer.

Click here to download the City Profile questionnaire in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format (1,1 MB).

Click here to download the City Profile questionnaire in MS Word format (1 MB).

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