The Toolbox

The MS Access GreenKeys Green Database is a tool including:

  • The City Profile (Booklet Chapter 4.2): this can be utilised to gain an overview of a city's general situation and of the green space provision;
  • The Green Space Site Profile (Booklet Chapter 4.7): designed to help a city to organise, monitor and evaluate the development of new green spaces and the improvement of existing green spaces within its jurisdiction.

The MS Access Database is a widely available and powerful programme for data management which enables quick searches, comprehensive analysis over time and the production of combined information about different projects, as well as a single project in different time periods.

The MS Access GreenKeys Green Database is addressed to users with knowledge of Access, but also can be used by those who are not so familiar with Access. Users, who prefer to work with in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format or MS Word format, are referred to the City Profile questionnaire (Booklet Chapter 4.2) and to the Green Space Site Profile questionnaire (Booklet Chapter 4.7), available also on the CD-ROM Tools.

For the GreenKeys Green Database were created:
three tables

  • CITY PROFILE_02 and

which are connected to each other in a one to one relation and
three forms, equivalent to the tables

  • Frm_CITY PROFILE_01,
  • Frm_CITY PROFILE_02 and

Technical Hints: The MS Access programme is not available on the CD-ROM Tools and must first be downloaded onto your computer. MS Access is a programme supported mainly by the operating systems of Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, VISTA. It can also be supported by other systems such as Linux and Mac but for these applications an appropriate modification of the electronic archive properties is required. It is also possible to have outcomes of this archive as tables, forms, queries, and reports in other programmes, such as MS Word, MS Excel and even more sophisticated database systems such as Oracle, dBase, SQL Server. The GreenKeys Green Database is supported by all computers produced from the late 1990's.

In order to add a new record it is obligatory to complete the fields 'City Code' and 'ID'. If you want to save the filled in data, the numbers have to be the same in Green Space Site Profile, City Profile 1 and City Profile 2.

Download Click here to start and to download the MS Access GreenKeys Green Database

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