The Toolbox

The Maintenance Guideline is a tool to support European cities as they formulate and implement their own strategies, methods and tools for the maintenance of their urban green spaces.

The Structure of the Maintenance Guideline
The structure of the Maintenance guideline is as follows:

  • Section 1 provides an introduction.
  • Section 2 discusses why the maintenance of urban green spaces is important and addresses the problems that are generally encountered.
  • Section 3 places maintenance within a strategic context, highlighting its links with strategy and management.
  • Section 4 unfolds the various elements and dimensions associated with the maintenance of urban green spaces.
  • Sections 5, 6 and 7 put ‘under the microscope’ the issues of funding, organisation and community involvement respectively.
  • Section 8 highlights the importance, in terns of maintenance, of adopting a typology for urban green spaces and establishing an effective monitoring system.
  • Section 9 concludes and identifies the key issues and questions that need to be considered when developing a unifying maintenance strategy.
  • Section 10 provides details of interesting literature concerning maintenance.

Click here to download the Maintenance Guideline in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format (872 kB).

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