The Toolbox

The GreenKeys Monitoring System is a monitoring tool that is especially geared to monitoring the implementation of new or the improvement of existing urban green spaces. It can be easily used by experts and non-professionals, with 32 clear and measurable (numeric) indicators, which are suitable and applicable for an easy and effective monitoring of green spaces projects.

The Monitoring System is not a tool for an objective process. It helps, however, to control self set targets during the whole implementation process of a green space project.

The Monitoring System contains two basic pages:

  • 1. The Front Page: This page is suitable for inputting the main objectives and actions (i.e. interventions, activities) of the project. Indicators, to be measured during monitoring, can be selected here as well.
  • 2. The Evaluation Sheet: This page is used for the evaluation of simple indicators and is of help in following up both the development and efficiency of the tasks (actions) to be carried out and the realisation and success of the main objectives.

The GreenKeys Monitoring System was developed by the Geographical Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. It was written in C++ language and the relatively simple software offers basic options (data input, rating indicators, saving, printing etc.) for monitoring. There are no special needs or conditions required to install the programme to the computer. After copying the programme files and clicking the GreenKeys2.exe file the programme can be started and operated. The programme allows the user to save, open, modify or print pages, sheets, results or evaluations using the menu bar options.

In the menu bar of the Monitoring System under 'File', you will find an example for the monitoring process (files: GMS_Example_T0.gsp for time T0 and GMS_Example_T1 for time T1).

Additionally, a 'Read Me' file containing detailed explanations and instructions for users is available for downloading. An overview file which contains all the possible questions in the 'Monitoring Questionnaire' is also available.

Download Click here to start and/or download the GreenKeys Monitoring System (ZIP)

Download Click here to download the 'Read Me' file for the Monitoring System (information for use) in
                      PDF format (650 kB).

Download Click here to download an overview of all the possible Questions in the
                      'Monitoring Questionnaire'
in PDF format (119 kB).

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