The Toolbox

Perceptions and attitudes towards green spaces can be gauged through surveys that make use of ques-tionnaires. Such a questionnaire has been developed by the University of Thessaly that provides the Economic Impact Questionnaire. The Tool can be used by a city authority to estimate citizens' opinions, positions, thoughts and feelings about the existing and prospective green space in their city. Such perceptions and attitudes can be compared with those of other cities or with those held by people in the past (measured by the Tool). Being aware of people's views is important for a city as they can provide a basis for the formulation or redirection of relevant policies concerning urban green.

If you require more information about the perceptions and attitudes towards urban green spaces in your city, or in a part of your city, the appropriate Tool is available here. Additionally a report is available entitled Unlocking Green Space: Perception and Attitudes on various Aspects of Urban Green Spaces. This relates to a questionnaire survey concerning the public perception and attitudes on various aspects of urban green spaces in the GreenKeys Partner Cities. The survey was carried out by the University of Thessaly during the lifetime of the GreenKeys Project.

The Tool is available in two versions:

  • (1) in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format, where you can only fill in your data and
  • (2) in MS Word format. This format permits changes for your own needs, if required.

downloadClick here to download the Perception Questionnaire in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format (3 MB).

downloadClick here to download the Perception Questionnaire in MS Word format (760 kB).

downloadClick here to download the report about the questionnaire survey in PDF format (193 kB).

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